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LOYAL Rescue is a foster-based rescue and we do not operate a shelter. We do not have viewing hours as each pet is in a private home. Should you be the successful applicant for this pet, you are then welcome to come and meet the dog. You are not obligated to adopt, should you determine the fit is not correct, however we must go through this process prior to meeting the dog.

Successful Rescues - Happy Tails

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Schnitzel Adopted!

Tomorrow will be one year since Schnitzel became part of our family. He has brought so much laughter and silliness into our home! Thank you Loyal for bringing him into our lives!


Ricky Adopted!

Everyday I am thankful for having found my sweet little boy, Ricky. I adopted him September 21, 2012. He has so much love to give and does not hesitate to seek affection throughout the day and evening. He absolutely loves his walks. When asked if he wants to go for a car ride, he is beside himself in excitement. He wants to be a part of everything we do. Thank you again Loyal Rescue. You are all amazing. Thank you again to Janet, who fostered Ricky.


Thomas Adopted!

We adopted Tom about 5 years ago now from Loyal Rescue. He was taken in by you along with his brother Dylan. He just the best! Smart, loving and loyal. I would like to thank Loyal Rescue for the wonderful job you do in finding loving homes for all those in need.


Belle Adopted!

My baby Belle has been the best thing that ever happened to me. I have had her since January 2015 and my only regret is that I couldnt have had her for her whole life. Shes in the queen in my life and I adore her with my whole heart. I have people stop me and tell me all the time I have the cutest pug. I thought it would be a challenge adopting an 8 yr old deaf dog but it hasnt once been a problem. Everyone is my life spoils her and and I wouldnt have it any other way! Best decision I ever made!


Skittles Adopted!

Skittles came into our home in November 2014 and she has been a great addition to our family. She has fit in well and loves to play with our 8 month old kitten. She has brought much happiness to our home. Thanks Loyal


Jake&Roxy Adopted!

In September of 2012, a week before our wedding, my husband&I decided to adopt our first pet. We chose Jake, a 12 year old, nearly blind Yorkie, that tugged at our hearts. We had such a wonderful experience working with all the people involved in the adoption, &admired all of their dedication regarding the well being of these animals. A year later,we returned, and adopted Jake a sister and welcome Roxy to the family. These dogs needed a second chance at life, and ended up changing ours:)

Suzy now SuzyQ

Suzy now SuzyQ Adopted!

We adopted this amazing little girl last week and the transition has been wonderful. She is amazing and learning everyday. Thank you to Loyal Rescue Inc. and everyone involved. Jo Scott you were a great foster mom. You did a wonderful job in getting Suzy-Q ready for her forever home.

Teddy Bear/TBear

Teddy Bear/TBear Adopted!

I adopted Teddy on Oct. 16th (2014) & am thoroughly enjoying his antics & cuteness. His brother, Muttley (14 yr. old Schnauzer), has welcomed him after several sniffs & shared treats. Thank you Jane, his Foster mom, for taking him into your home & giving him so much love & protection. Hard to believe that such a little tyke would ever be in a rescue situation. And a big thanks to "Auntie Sue & Uncle Norm" (Walkerton) for all your help.....wonderful to be a part of the Loyal Rescue Family.


Gus Adopted!

We are so happy and grateful to have found our little boy Gus. He is a perfect fit for our family and brings unbelievable joy into our household. He is such a sweet and happy dog who loves his long walks with Mom and Dad or just laying around on the couch all day. Everyday is a new adventure for us all and we are so excited for what the future holds.

Esme 1431

Esme 1431 Adopted!

Dear Loyal Rescue, It is exactly one year today that I have been in my forever home with my forever family, and I’m so, so happy. My name is Esme (Essie). I was caged in a USA puppy mill for about 7 years, forced to breed over and over again. When I was of no use to them anymore, they dumped me at a shelter and said “Either keep her or kill her”. Fortunately for me, Loyal Rescue stepped in to save the day. Funnily enough, I was signed over to Loyal Rescue on my future, forever mom’s birthday (even though I didn’t know her yet, and she didn’t know me). Wasn’t that meant to be? First, I went to live with an awesome foster family. They showed me how to walk on a leash, and they showed me love for the very first time. One day, my foster mom, took me to a Pet Smart Adoption Day. There were so many people walking around and wanting to pet me and pick me up. I tried to be really patient. One lady really liked me and she talked to my foster mom for a long time. To make a long story short, that lady turned out to be my future, forever mom! I was sad to say good bye to my foster mom on September 26, 2013, and she was sad to say good bye to me, but my forever mom still keeps in touch with my foster mom, and sends her pictures of me and tells her how I’m doing. Let me tell you about my forever family. My forever mom is home most of the day, so she spends a lot of time with me. She feeds me, takes me for walks, hugs and kisses me, plays with me, and gives me great massages. Her son is in university, but he was home sick most of the last school year, so I got to spend a lot of time with him. He would check on me all the time, hold me like a baby on his lap, and rub my belly and neck. He is back at university now. I was really missing him, so my mom took me to see him in London last week, and we went for a long walk in the park there. I was so happy to see him and he was so happy to see me too. I have a new forever sister too. She is a Chihuahua and we are both the same size. We tested each other at first, but now we get along really well. She showed me that it’s ok to do my business on the pee pad, when we are not outside (we live in a condo). I watched her take a toy to my mom and her son every time they came home, so now I also take my raccoon toy (that my foster mom gave me) to them when they come home. It seems to make them really happy, and I like the attention I get when I do that. I have a great life now. It’s quiet and clean where I live. My mom feeds me great food regularly, and I don’t have to worry about other dogs taking it from me. There is always water to drink. I have my own soft bed (sometimes my sister and I play musical beds). I can walk around freely (no cage), and if I want to be petted or have a massage, all I have to do is go up to my mom (or her son when he’s home). If they aren’t massaging the right spot, I let them know with my paw. We have a park across the street with long pathways. My mom takes my sister and I there for a long walk every day, and I meet lots of nice people and dog friends. I have discovered there are these creatures there, called squirrels. They fascinate me. I want to go up and say hi to them, but they keep running up a tree. Confused smile Whenever I get sick, my mom takes me to this “vet” person. I was scared at first, but the doctor hugs me and kisses me and gives me treats, so I guess it’s not that bad now. I am still frightened of loud noises and sudden movements, but my mom always reassures me that everything is ok. She rests her hands on my sides before she picks me up, so that I’m ready for it. Loyal Rescue, my forever family and I want to thank you SO MUCH for rescuing me and bringing us all together. We really appreciate all that you do for animals. I have a happy second chance at life now, with my forever family. Smile Love, Essie, Lynne, Darren, and Peanut


Nutmeg Adopted!

Nutmeg was at Loyal Rescue for nearly 4 years recovering from heartworm after arriving fron the southern US. At first an adoption was pending but things changed later when we got a call that she was again available! Clearly it was meannt to be! This shy sweet little girl had a home with sister Nugget the rat terrier and they are best buddies ever since. Thanks to loving foster parents, this little, quirky tan coloured angel has brighten the lives of everyone she meets. She has come along way!


Ruby Adopted!

We adopted Ruby in February 2014. We can’t imagine life without her. Our days are now filled with snuggles, tail wags, and lots of love. We are so thankful to Loyal and Ruby’s foster family.


Fanny Adopted!

Fanny came to me in November last year & she has been just a delight! After going through the adoption process, she has settled in like family:) initially her back legs did not support her very well but with some massage therapy & hydrotherapy ( she even has her own life vest!) she has regained enough strength to enjoys daily walks with her buddy Teddy! Sometimes even 2:) she is 3 lbs of determination & mighty will & everyone she meets loves her to pieces ! Thank you to Laurie @ Loyal!!


Nova Adopted!

We adopted Nova last summer and it was the best decision we have made! We are so lucky to have Nova as part of our family! She is everything we could have hoped for! She loves to swim and play with her brother. She cant get enough snuggling and has become my little shadow! Thank you Loyal Rescue fore making our little family complete!


Rocky Adopted!

Rocky was a puppy mill dog for 7 years! He was just released in December last year. He has been in our home for less than 3 weeks now and he is working on overcoming his fear of people. This picture is Rocky (white dog) with our dog Heidi (also a rescue 9 years ago). They are best buds already. We love having Rocky in our home. <3

Oscar Owen Pontes Moore

Oscar Owen Pontes Moore Adopted!

What a dream. We adopted little Oscar after being in foster care with an amazing family, Diane and Ingrid for over a year. He has OCD and never been around children so we were nervous but turns out no need. He is such a lap dog who is full of cuddles and smiles. He is great with our 4 year old little girl and loves to play and copy his big dog brother Jerry. Thank you everyone for a great gift in Oscar. WE LOVE HIM

Tyson (was Bryson)

Tyson (was Bryson) Adopted!

Hi, My new name is Tyson (I was Bryson) I am the one on the left, my big brother Trigger is the tiger on the right.I have been with my new family for 2 months now and my new life is so awesome!! I am spoiled, sleeping on bed,tonnes of cuddles,doggie daycare,"school",and mom told me I am starting a sports class which I am super excited about. I love my older brother we play so much together, sometimes he gets annoyed with me but I am still a puppy what does he expect?! Life is GREAT :)

Cubby and King

Cubby and King Adopted!

Cubby the Pomeranian joined the family in early 2013, where he met King, the Flatcoat Retriever, also a Loyal Rescue who we adopted in 2009. Cubby has come a long way; he is a happy, lively, loyal little fellow who is a lot of fun to have around. He loves his leash and asks to wear it all the time, and he is always ready for a walk! He and King play together beautifully! We could not be happier that we have these two beautiful and very special companions in our lives.


Oreo Adopted!

Kim and I adopted Oreo(formerly Ben) 0n Feb. 3/2013. He was I little shy and untrusting at first but now realizes that he has a permanent home. He is a great little guy who loves to play, especially being chased. He makes friends with everyone and shares his toys and food. He likes going in the car and had his first boat ride this past weekend. He is very social and has many dog friends in our neighbourhood. Kim and I are looking for another rescue to give him a full time playmate.


Ricky Adopted!

Just an update on sweet little Ricky. He continues to make gains in socializing, trusting, communicating and playing. He loves going for car rides and visiting friends. I never expected him to reach this level of comfort. He was such a timid, scared little guy when I adopted him last September. Every day I am thankful for finding him and being given the opportunity to give him the life is so deserves. Angela and Ricky


Tucker Adopted!

Tucker joined our family March 23rd 2013 and has been such a delight.He is so loving and caring and good with everyone he meets. We love all the little snorts and grunts he makes and enjoy his cuddles.He enjoys running around at the cottage as much as a snuggle on the couch. Thank you Loyal for all you do and for bringing Tucker into our family.

Tanner and Buckeye

Tanner and Buckeye Adopted!

We got Tanner in 2007 after he reached your agency from a shelter in Ohio. 8 weeks later, you contacted us to see if we might want one of his siblings. Our initial resistance melted away when you sent the pics of the saddest pups ever. We adopted Romeo and renamed him Buckeye. Both dogs are loving and loyal. We are all very happy. They have a great life- lots of love, daily walks and frequent camping trips. The picture was taken on one of those trips. We feel very fortunate to have them.


Mozzie Adopted!

We adopted Mozzie about 2 years ago from Loyal Rescue when he was 8 years old. Coming from a puppy mill we knew he would need a lot of TLC and patience and he is not in short supply of either now. Shortly after his adoption we found out he had some signs of arthritis in his elbows and back as well as a very low thyroid. After a new diet, medications, laser therapy and supplements he is doing much better! He has the best treatments for his arthritis and even has his own chiropractor! Mozzie comes to work with his mom and dad every day and it has really helped him learn to trust new people as well as his own. He also gets to spend part of the day playing with all of his four legged friends and getting treats from all the clients! Its hard to believe he would barely take a piece of hamburger from us and now he comes running down the hall to get any treat from us right out of our hands! Mozzie will always be extra careful with new people and will never be a dog to snuggle in bed with us but he is such a special little man and we are so blessed to have him! He has taught us that patience, love, understanding (and lots of treats) is all he needed. Its incredible how forgiving a dog can be and how much love they can still give back even after having a very rough start.


Daphne Adopted!

Daphne joined our family on February 9th and we could not be happier! She is full of love and cuddles for everyone! She is energetic, smart and perfect! Thank you LOYAL for all the work that you do! We are so happy with our little doggie!! :)


Mindy Adopted!

We adopted Mindy in Decemeber 2010, and see has been a wonderful addition to our family. We love her tremendously. She is an energetic, playful, but very particular. We can not imagine life without her.


Connor Adopted!

We are so lucky to have little Connor as part of our family. When he came to us he was shy, skinny and was in need of a lot of tlc. He has only been with us for a month and he fits in perfectly - we love him and so do our three dogs. They love playing, running, going on hikes and cuddling together. We believe we are the lucky ones to have him in our lives. Thank you so much LOYAL!


Shaggy Adopted!

Hi there, my name is Shaggy( I am the little black dog on the right, the grey dog is my new sister, Brandy). I recently moved to my "Forever Home" in Newfoundland. My Forever family just knew that I was the one out of all the other gorgeous foster doggies. I am happily settling in on the East Coast and my new family are loving me. I love my older sister Brandy and have lots of fun playing tug of war, horsing around and going for long nature walks with her. Brandy loves to clean my face and even shares her toys and treats with me. I have been her shadow since I moved here. I discovered that I love snuggling with Brandy and my parents. I didnt like walking on the leash at first and was somewhat shy around humans but I am growing more confident daily. My parents say that I learn quickly and I am almost "potty trained". I get lots of compliements about my cuteness. Well, I have to say Bye for now and Thank-you to Loyal Rescue for helping me get rescued. Love Shaggy


Ricky Adopted!

I adopted sweet little Ricky on September 21, 2012. This incredible boy has blossomed in his forever home. He loves his long walks and meeting the neighbourhood dogs. In 7 short days he now enjoys being picked up and cuddled. I can kiss his nose without him pulling away. He is my little shadow and welcomes any opportunity for a belly rub or leg massage. Although he is still shy around new people, I am thrilled at his progress and love he gives back. Thank you Janet and Loyal Rescue.


Clara Adopted!

Clara has been a part of our family since the end of December and we could not be happier to have her. She is so loving and sweet, tail always wagging and a smile on her face (especially when you take the time to cuddle and pet her!) Clara loves her daily walks and for a dog that previously disliked toys, she sure loves to chase her ball now! As newlyweds we didn’t think life could get any better, but this little furball melted our hearts and proved us wrong!

Lilly White

Lilly White Adopted!

Lilly came to live her big sister Millie February 17 2012 and she is doing great. They went to the groomers just before easter to have a spa day. Lilly enjoys walking and running in the park, going to work with Mom, and playing with her sister Millie. She certainly loves her treats, sleeping on the big bed knowing that there is always food available. Her coat is coming in nicely and although we had an ear infection that is much better now. Stairs are still an issue but my Mom carries me.


Ranger Adopted!

My husband and I adopted Ranger in December 2010, it was love at first sight! Ranger is the love of our lives. He brings so much love and happiness to our family. This past year we have had a blast getting to see his true personality shine through. We are not afraid to say that we spoil Ranger, making up for lost time! HUGE THANKS to Loyal Rescue and Elaine for rescuing our buddy!

Lucy-Loo ( nee Sally)

Lucy-Loo ( nee Sally) Adopted!

Lucy-Loo is such a joy. She came in October and I cannot believe what a joy she is.We love our many walks together. She charms the hearts of so many. Roxxssee the cat and Lucy- Loo are having a grand time together. What a joyous addition to my life.

Odie and Brinkley

Odie and Brinkley Adopted!

We adopted Odie, a min pin x, and Brinkley, a doxie x, in August of 2009, changing our lives for the better. With the death of their previous owner the boys found themselves at the humane society and eventually made their way to Loyal. We started looking for a small senior companion for our Bouvier Luna when I came across a photo of the boys on pet finder -- it was love at first sight. I would highly recommend adopting a senior rescue or two. Thanks LOYAL!

Davey Gray

Davey Gray Adopted!

What a sweet little dog who is a great little guy to complete our family. We love him so very much and thank you loyal rescue so much again. lt3 We love you all .

Peanut Sr. & Jolie

Peanut Sr. & Jolie Adopted!

We adopted Peanut Sr. in August 2010. He has amazed us in his ability to walk in our home and appear as if he has been with us forever. In January 2011, we decided to add yet another little yorkie to our clan and we adopted Jolie. Both seniors have added so much joy to our lives, we cannot imagine being without them. We cringe to think what might have happened to them had Loyal Rescue not stepped in and got involved. Thank you for 2 beautiful little souls.


Roxie Adopted!

We adopted Roxie on Dec 22, 2010. She is a real joy to have around and gets along really well with our other dog Baxter. She was a bit nervous at first but has adjusted well with everyone in the household. Thanks so much for this wonderful addition to our family!


Scotch Adopted!

Scotch joined our home the end of August, and our family could not be more complete! He has a beagle sister named Saydie who was also adopted through LOYAL Rescue, 3 feline siblings, and a human sister named Sabrina. Saydie loves Scotch, even though he nibbles on her ears like chew toys! Scotch is blind, but that does not stop him from playing hide and seek with Sabrina, and its a hoot to watch because he is so good at finding her! We are so happy! Thank you LOYAL Rescue!


Luke Adopted!

It is 6 months since we rescued Luke and after knowing how of a difficult case he was we are very proud to say that we have changed his life as well as he has changed ours. Thank you Loyal Rescue for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to work with him and learn so many things together. We love him to death and he loves us too. He is less fearful more confident and affectionate. A better dog enjoying a very relaxed life the one he deserves after being through so much.

Kingston (formerly Tuppy)

Kingston (formerly Tuppy) Adopted!

When Kingston joined our family in April 2010 we knew he was going to be a big challenge but he was so cute how could we resist and he needed a new home. The last few months have been full of adventure and new learnings for Kingston. Just a few days after Kingstons arrival my husband drove with the dogs down to Florida for a two week stay. My parents and I met them there. Chasing lizards around the pool and learning to swim were new games for Kingston. A few weeks later he was staying at my parents with Kelsea and my moms three Shih Tzus he quickly found out who was in charge there the girls while we took a short vacation and he settled right in. His life in a cage was over the day we adopted Kingston. With the run of the house and the large yard and with lots of attention Kingston has learned to run play and be a dog. Now he is not so possessive of his things. He was frightened of many things but with slow exposure kindness and no punishment he is overcoming his fears. Over time Kingston has learned to share the dog beds the couch the window seat with Kelsea and in the last few weeks he has decided snuggling up with mom is also a good thing. We have lots of playtime and he is very good on the leash when we go for walks. Kingston is making good progress with his trust issues by having a loving calm happy forever home. Lately he is starting to exhibit some of the Boston Terrier traits that we didnt see at first so I guess we are on the right track.


Bennie Adopted!

August 9 2010 we were lucky and very happy to introduce a new member to the rest of the pack . His name is Bennie and i wanted to say thanks again Loyal Rescue for making our ( dog and myself)dream come true . Now charlie and Marty have a new brother to play with .


Figbee Adopted!

When we first adopted Figbee, we expected there to be an ajustment period. But this was not the case, he fit in like he was always part of the family. He is the quirkiest, cutest, most loyal and loving dog anybody could ask for. He loves to run and play outside with us, and has even made a friend next door. We would like to thank Elaine from Loyal Rescue for presenting us with such an awesome dog. Thank you so much Loyal, we love Figs!

Clarice ( Gwen)

Clarice ( Gwen) Adopted!

Clarice was 7 weeks when we got her and she is now 10 months old. She is a perfect little dog who love to sleep and cuddle and play. she follow my 6 years old boy everywhere and they are great friends but when evening come she sleep in my bed under the blanket. Thank you Loyal Rescue!


Charlie Adopted!

June 11 2010 I was lucky to meet Charlie and welcome him into our family even if it's relatively new we feel like he was with us for a long time. He's making us laugh smile proud we love him and he loves us in return. Thanks Loyal rescue from all his sibling Max Clooney Marty whom he made with an instant connection Maggie mae White and frenchy.


Montana Adopted!

We got Montana through my Aunt Donna who was fostering her at the time and instantly knew she was the dog for us. She is a little bundle of love with the most endearing personality full of quirks! She is my first dog and now I know what dog owners mean when they say a dog's love is like none other. Montana LOVES people, long walks, the lake, dancing, playing with her sock and most everything else under the sun except birds & bicycles lol!! Many thanks to Loyal, more than you'll ever know =)

Leo (AKA Vegas)

Leo (AKA Vegas) Adopted!

Leo came into our lives in December at about 3 months old. He is the biggest sweetie pie and is extremely affectionate to everyone. He lights up our lives each day and we couldn't love him any more. Thank you Loyal Rescue! We are so grateful that you have choose our home for Leo.


Connie Adopted!

Hi! It's me, Connie, on the right. I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am now. My brother plays with me, he protects me when we are out walking, and he helps me communicate with our Mom. I keep him company & sometimes I let him cuddle up. Since my foster lady helped find a food I could digest, life is good. I do not have any more "accidents." Mom always says, Good girl! No one can ever know what I went through before, but now I'm fine. I owe my life & happiness to LR & to our Mom.

Karma (formerly Sheela)

Karma (formerly Sheela) Adopted!

We can't believe how lucky we are to have found Karma who is the perfect addition to our life. She is absolutely adorable and catches everyone's attention when we go for walks. She loves playing outside in the tall grass and running around the house with her stuffed puppy. We are having so much fun with her and can't imagine life without her!


Milo Adopted!

Thank you Loyal for helping us adopt our wonderful cute little jack russell mix Milo!! He got him in Nov 2009 and we've had him about 4 months now and he's doing great! He's very feisty but obedient and he loves other people and dogs maybe a little too much! and he also loves eating just about anything definitely a little too much!!!. Overall we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He is definitely the perfect fit for us Thanks again!!!


Princess Adopted!

We adopted Princess in October. She arrived at Loyal in June as a pregnant stray. Estimated to be just 1-1/2 at the time, Princess was just a puppy herself! When Princess joined our family, she didn't quite know what to make of us; the 4 hour carride to her new home must have been overwhelming. She quickly began to adjust to her routine with us. Princess loves to play and enjoy all the things that ALL dogs should get to enjoy. I think Princess might love us ALMOST as much as we love her!


Abby Adopted!

We have family who are very dedicated members of the Loyal Rescue Organization. We had been keeping our eyes open for an addition to our family. When we met Abby it was love at first sniff! We have had her for over 6 months and she has greatly improved from the shy, puppy mill girl we adopted. Thanks very much to Loyal Rescue for all that you do.


Alaska Adopted!

Alaska joined our family 5 months ago. He's a fantastic and fun dog. He is clearly the most popular dog in the neighborhood. Thank you very much to Loyal Rescue for bringing Alaska into our life.

Aiya (Formerly Jedediah) Adopted

Aiya (Formerly Jedediah) Adopted Adopted!

Aiya was a frightened little guy when I picked him up just before Xmas, but he settled right in on Xmas day and watched all of the festivities from the comfort of the sofa. He's still a little timid but he's coming to work with me once a week and continues to get used to other people. His big brother Sooner loves him to pieces and is around to show him the ropes. Aiya is such a sweet, cuddly little guy at home...I know it's just a matter of time until he overcomes his fears all together.


Snidley Adopted!

Snidley has now been with us for 6 months. He has been the perfect addition to our family. He is an amazing friend to his older "sister" Ebony (also in pic) and has helped her so much with her anxiety issues. He has also help us keep the peace between our 2 cats. Snidley is currently in the process of becoming a therapy dog, which he will be great at. We are so grateful to Loyal Rescue and to Marieanne & Harley for everything that they did. Thank you so much for doing what you do :o)

Lucy (Formerly Lolita)

Lucy (Formerly Lolita) Adopted!

Lucy joined our family a few months ago & she came to us very weary and afraid. But today, she is more outgoing & is officially housetrained! Yay! She “wrassels” with her brother & sister, Josh & Bella, until they are out of breath! She still has anxious moments, but everyday they are fewer & far between. Josh & Lucy are so bonded, they seem joined at the hip! In the picture, Lucy is the one who looks hilariously uncomfortable, while Josh is the one leaning over to comfort her. Thank you Loyal!!

Skuppers (Blondie) & Gizmo (Lizzie)

Skuppers (Blondie) & Gizmo (Lizzie) Adopted!

Skuppers & Gizmo (from Blondie & Lizzie) have been such a happy addition to our family. They are great company for us and each other and we cannot imagine the house with out them. We are so happy that these two sweeties were rescued- can’t imagine who wouldn’t find them absolutely precious - just look at them!. We wanted to thank Loyal Rescue for everything- whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot about puppies!! Our girls have brought us much joy and happiness. Glad we could be involved.


Timmy Adopted!

Timmy is energetic affectionate confident and obedient. What more could you ask for in a pet. He and Roy are great friends and we would like to thank Jen for her expert training Mary for her kind interview and Loyal Rescue for accepting us as Timmy's forever home.


Luke Adopted!

We'd like to thank Loyal rescue for introducing us to Luke (light brown). He's just a wonderful little guy, full of personality and lots of love. It's difficult to remember life before him actually as he fits in so well. He gets along great with his super bossy sister (black) provides us with endless entertainment. We'd also like to thank his wonderful caring foster family for taking such great care of him and rescuing him in the first place.


Suki Adopted!

I have been meaning to write this for so long! We adopted Suki on February 28th, 2009! It was THE best decision we ever made. The last 9 months have been amazing. Suki spent the first 4 years of her life in a puppy mill, so it has been so much fun watching her learn to love life more each and every day including her most recent love~BELLY RUBS! Thank you to everyone at LOYAL Rescue who helped give Suki a chance to live the happy life she deserves!

Blackie Henderson (now Digby)

Blackie Henderson (now Digby) Adopted!

We adopted Digby (previously Blackie Henderson) on November 14, 2009. After being passed around for the first 2.5 years of his life, we are happy to have Digby with us in his forever home. What an amazing, affectionate, patient, smart and energetic dog! We're so glad he found us, and we're incredibly grateful to LOYAL for all their hard work and dedication, and for bringing Digby into our lives! Thanks again!! ~ Grace and Casey (and of course Digby!!)


Max Adopted!

I adopted Max through a friend who was fostering him. He's been with me now for three months and things are going great! He's my high-energy ally in all my walks and runs, and he loves visiting the local dog park and all his doggy friends. Thanks so much, Loyal, for giving this dog, whose aggression and fearfulness would've been otherwise misunderstood, the chance to find a great home! And thanks to the foster parent who introduced us!


Petey Adopted!

Petey is a tiny poodle with a serious heart condition, rescued by Loyal after nine years in a puppy mill. He is learning to trust but it's a slow process and he is always watchful as if anticipating something terrible from all humans. But he loves other dogs and he's very smart, and eventually he will conquer his fear. He is a dear little fellow, and I know that he's as glad to be here as we are to have him.

Ray Ray

Ray Ray Adopted!

We adopted Ray Ray on August 1st and we could not be happier that we did. He has brought so much fun into our home. He is the sweetest, most gentle dog we have ever known. From day one all he wants to do is sit and cuddle with us. Thank you Loyal Rescue for helping us find Ray Ray.


Ralph Adopted!

Ralph is with me in WaterlooOn and just resting after a good supper. He is a wonderful little boy and loves to see his new friends Peso and Diesel. This is Peso with him on our couch sleeping. He has had a hard life coming from a puppy mill but you wouldnt know it if you could see how he is. He loves everyone including Miss Kitty our cat. He loves walking with Peso and Diesel. I have to thank Carol J. who without her I would have never known Ralph and been able to visit him. Thank You


Wiley Adopted!

Wiley joined our family in August and has been a great addition. We are quite the outdoorsy people and so is Wiley he loves hiking biking swimming and especially catching frogs This is a picture of him all muddy after frog hunting Wiley is very good indoors too! He was completely housetrained when we got him and has been a real plaesure to have around. Thank you Marieanne for taking great care of him. We are so happy with our rescue dog.


Reese Adopted!

Reese has been with us for about 2 months now...and since his arrival we've become a blended family! He has 4 cats to chase and 3 dogs to play with and is loving it all! He loves making nests in laundry baskets (full of dirty or clean clothes...it doesn't seem to matter!) and has been letting the whole neighbourhood he is "Top Dog"! Sappho, his big sister is so happy to have a little guy to groom and care for...Reese has really enriched our lives!

Kevin (was Ben)

Kevin (was Ben) Adopted!

Kevin fits in so perfectly with our family. When we first got him he was very shy and scared and would run away from us. Now, he is the happiest little boy! He always wants to be near us and doesn't have a single worry anymore. We love him and are so happy we rescued!!!

Archie (formerly Jeremy)

Archie (formerly Jeremy) Adopted!

We were so happy to be approved and to give Archie his forever home, he joined our family July 24/09 (my birthday!!). He fits right in with our 2 cats. He loves his new home and we love having him here. He is such a smart little guy and is improving daily with his ongoing training. Archie loves his Nylabones and 'no stuffing' squeaky chew toys, as well as his long evening walks and cuddle time with Mom and Dad before bed. Thanks again Loyal Rescue, we couldn't have found a better dog


Ralph Adopted!

Ralph has been a part of our family for two weeks now, and he's doing great! He likes to go on long walks, sniff everything in sight, and he even likes his big sister, our 4 year old Yorkie, Rizzo. Ralph has already lost 3 tiny baby teeth since being with us, and he has some more loose ones to go! We wanted to thank his foster parents for taking such great care of him, and Loyal for helping dogs find homes! :) Dini & Nik


Buddy Adopted!

In February, my gorgeous, goofy Lab died at the age of 13 ½ years. His little sister, a rescued Beagle named Molly was lost without him. She really missed him and would howl when I left for work. It was heartbreaking. So after a few months, I told friends and family that I was going to get a ‘little buddy’ for Molly. On May 29th, Buddy came to his new home and he is the perfect little man. He and Molly play together, chase the squirrels, bark at the cats….they are a team. And, best of all, she no longer howls when I leave for work. She has her little Buddy to keep her company now.


Derby Adopted!

Two months ago I took this shy,quiet and sad looking pet home. He turned out to be quite a funny, playful & happy little doggie. A visit to the vet(as he had a bad limp)revealed a badly healed broken hind leg with 2 pellets in it. Who could have done that to such a loving animal? "He'll have to live with it said the vet, it was done too long ago and it doesn't hurt anymore." Derby doesn't even know that he hops like a rabbit when he runs. He is such a little trooper and I love him dearly.

Trudeau (was Chester)

Trudeau (was Chester) Adopted!

Trudeau formally Chester is a most excellent addition to our home! He fits in very well and everyone loves him. He is a well traveled little dog coming from a mill in Ohio being fostered in Kingston thanks so much Steve! and then moving to Toronto. Soon Trudeau will be moving to Ottawa where he will maybe retake his 'former home' on Sussex drive. He is an incredibly intelligent dog and has learned many things very quickly. He loves to cuddle and watch movies and TV with his mom and dad.

Tiny (now Ferbie)

Tiny (now Ferbie) Adopted!

Thank you Loyal Rescue for allowing me to adopt such a wonderful puppy. Ferbie is totally trained & asks for the door to do his business and it has only be 2 weeks. He is so smart!! We love him to pieces and fits in perfectly with my husband and I and our 2 cats. He is too adorable for words. Thank you Faye for taking such good care of him while in foster care.

Teddy (was Dexter)

Teddy (was Dexter) Adopted!

It's been 3 months since we took Teddy home with us. He is the most loving and cuddly dog that we could have asked for! Everyone who comes over wants to take him home with them! He loves sleeping on the couch while we are at work and then in our laps when we get home! We dont know how we ever survived without him!


Alexis Adopted!

Alexis (Lexi) was a puppy mill dog from Kentucky and was in very bad shape when she came to us as a foster. Within about 3 days, we knew she would not be leaving us, and so we adopted her. She has nuclear sclerosis (an eye condition - she can't tolerate bright light) and so when we are outside in the sun she wears sunglasses. How cool is that! She has turned into the sweetest, feisty little yorkie that she was meant to be. She is definitely a wonderful addition to our family. Thanks, Loyal

Louie and Lucy

Louie and Lucy Adopted!

Thank-you Loyale Rescue!! We adopted Louie a few months ago and we love him. He is a great addition to our home and family. We also adopted another little Papillion- Lucy. They are getting along just fine and play constantly together. We hope to enjoy them both for many years to come. Vicki and Mike Williams Barrie, Ont.


Derby Adopted!

I adopted Derby 2 weeks ago. It was love at first sight, for me anyway. Derby is the most loving little guy I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He has come a long way in such a short time,he is very smart and has learnt a lot of manners already, ie not to jump on me when I sit unless he is invited, etc. Derby has finally made himself at home, he is no longer quiet and sad looking, he barks when someone arrives and finally plays with his toys. Thank you loyal rescue for saving Derby.


Max Adopted!

We got Max (Bulldog) from LOYAL Rescue on April 4th, 2009. He is exactly what we were looking for, a playful, full of energy dog to play and keep our Boxer entertained. He is amazing with our two children and is just a real joy to have around. Thank-you LOYAL Rescue!

Rosie (formerly Georgette)

Rosie (formerly Georgette) Adopted!

We adopted Rosie (formerly Georgette) in January, 2008. She came to LOYAL as a stray from Ohio. At first we were going to foster..that lasted 2 days! We couldn't imagine anyone else having this little girl. We think she is 11 or 12 years old. Adopting a senior has many benefits..house trained, no chewing, likes to sleep in late. In other words Rosie is perfect. She has become my husband's best friend. Thank you LOYAL for bringing this special little girl into our lives.


HENRY Adopted!

Henry came to us after almost one year of being in foster care with Loyal Rescue. His entire life had been in a mill with no love. By the time he came to our family he was down to no teeth one eye half a tail but a strong will to enjoy his newfound freedom! The amount of happiness that he brings to our family cannot be measured. He is a perfect example of how a senior dog can bring new life and love into a home. We are all better people because of Henry O

SADIE (formerly Daisy)

SADIE (formerly Daisy) Adopted!

I adopted Sadie in January 2009 and we have been inseparable since. She is super sweet,loves to cuddle despite her horse-like size and gets along well with my cat,Plum. She has been a great addition to the household and I love to take her out exploring various parks in Toronto. Thanks to Brenda,Tammy and Linda for all your support and help with the adoption.


Rona Adopted!

Not a day passes that I am thankful that Rona has come into my life. It was one year ago that I picked Rona up from her Foster mom Connie. The moment I saw Rona tears came to my eyes and I knew we were soul mates. I thought it would be so satisfying to adopt an older dog, but I now realize that I am the lucky one. Rona is the most loyal loving creature and touches the lives of everyone she comes in contact with.


Molly Adopted!

Molly joined us on January 17th. We brought her home to meet her new big brother, Sprocket a Gold English Cocker Spaniel, and shortly after, the boss, a 15yr old male Tabi cat. The meetings went great. Since then the respect for the boss and love of a big brother has grown. Molly loves the running area, in and out. She is know a pro at begging. She has her new stuffy to hug and a sweater for the walks. She seems very happy and so are we. Brenda, Mike, Cassandra, Sprocket & Ringo


Chloe Adopted!

Chloe(Goldie)has been in her forever home for almost 6 weeks now. She has stolen the heart of everyone she meets especially our Labradoodle, Monty. We were afraid that he might be too large and playful for her. Happily, they are best friends and share toys, food, treats and lots of play. Thank you so much for choosing us to be her family. We love her.


Derby Adopted!

Meet Derby! She came to us through Loyal Rescue in November of 2008. Originally born into a puppy mill in Kentucky, she was deemed un-sellable because she had contracted a deadly virsus. She was sent to a high kill shelter and eventually picked up by a rescue in that area, who brought her story to Loyal Rescue. The rest is history. We took one look at this little face, and knew she would be the dog for us.

Teddy (Casper)

Teddy (Casper) Adopted!

We recently lost out dear friend Bear. Our other dog Kuddles was very lonely we found Loyal Rescue we found a new friend for herTeddy Casper. Teddy is welcome addition to our home he is full of energy is very loving. The favourite games seem to be Tag Tug of War they play them often. Teddy has mastered going down the stairs but remains reluctant to go up them in his time I am certain this will change. We miss Bear but our new furry family member has helped greatly.

Izzy (was Irma)

Izzy (was Irma) Adopted!

Izzy came to our home nearly 6 months ago. She was terrified of everything. She was skinny and had lost her fur from stress. With lots of love she is now a wonderful, happy, sweet little girl that we absolutely adore. Izzy and her sister Annie wrestle constantly, go for long walks and play with their friends. She's finally got the life she deserves thanks to the Loyal Rescue team.


Casey Adopted!

Casey just joined our family last week. She is settling in very well. She loves to play with anyone who happens by and has already laid claim to our son's bedroom for hanging out and sleeping. She likes to play hard and sleep harder! Thank you Loyal and all your volunteers for bringing Casey to us and us to her.

Tami (formerly Fifi)

Tami (formerly Fifi) Adopted!

Tami came into our lives in Sept. 2008. At that time she was fearful of everyone. Tami is now however a happy waggly tailed dog! She's great with our other two dogs cat and rabbit. She loves her four walks a day and sleeps in between snuggled into her fleece blanket on a chair looking outside. Tami is a wonderfully good natured dog who shows her appreciation by constantly wagging her tail and kissing our faces! We feel so fortunate that we found such a great dog!


Roman Adopted!

While browsing the Loyal Rescue website I came across a picture of Roman, it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, there was a adoption pending and Roman was to go to another home. 3 weeks later I once again logged onto the website and to my surprise Roman was up for adoption again, I knew it was a sign. My husband and I adopted Roman this past summer and he's been a joy. Roman is quite the ham. He loves his squeeky toys and treats and most importantly he loves us and we love him.


Spike Adopted!

Hi I'm Spike. I'm really happy to be with my new family. It's never a dull moment here. I mean I have 3 sister dogs to play with and enjoy bugging the 5 cats teehee :) i'm glad to have my new family I go to dog parks on Sundays and go to work every day with my mom and Trixie she's my girlfriend teehee:) We eat amazing food and most important lots of love. I'm so thankful to Loyal Rescue to have help me find my home. We love Spike he is good dog, he's goofy too and very springy little guy. :)


Cookie Adopted!

Cookie joined Sacha, my husband, and myself recently and although she is the smallest member of our family, she definitely has the biggest heart and personality! Our Great Dane, Sacha has been transformed from a senior dog to a puppy since Cookie's arrival and the two certainly have found games that compliment their size difference! Thank you Loyal for all that you do for these wonderful creatures in our lives! And no, we didn't change her name, we just added to it. She is now "Cookie Monster."


Larry Adopted!

Hi, it's me Larry! Thanks for giving me a good home until my new human could find me. I just graduated from school at the top of my class. I don't know what that means, but that diploma thing tasted pretty good! Next I'm going to learn flyball. What a coincidence, I like flies AND balls! I have lots of new friends here. The humans are a bit weird though, they laugh at everything I do. Personally I think hiding shoes under pillows is perfectly normal. Ohh, it's bone time! Bye for now!

Radar (Shiloh)

Radar (Shiloh) Adopted!

My name was once Shiloh, my new mom and dad changed my name to Radar, which goes with my wonky ears. I love where I live now, I get to go on boat rides regularily and I have lots of room to hunt chippies. My mom took me to class for a 12 weeks and we had fun together. Soon we are going to start agility, but we needed a summer break. My furbrothers now realizing that I am here to stay and we wrestle and play every day now. Thanks Loyal for giving me second chance and finding me a new home!!


Sierra Adopted!

My boyfriend Matt and I adopted Sierra in October of 2007, and she has been a very valued member of our little family ever since!! I knew she was "our dog" from the moment I first met her, thank you for bringing us together! She must have been younger than originally thought, as our "year old" shorty legged dog sprouted to almost twice her size (with legs a bit more proportioned to her body!) "A dog is not one's whole life, but a dog makes one's life whole" Thank you!


Sheldon Adopted!

Hey, it's me Sheldon, I have been in my new home for 8 weeks now and I couldn't be happier. My mom and dad love me tons, play with me, cuddle me and always show me that this is my forever and ever home. As much as they feel blessed to have me, I feel blessed to have them. I make them laugh alot wiggling my tail and chasing my bonies up and down the halls, life couldn't be much better. Thank you Loyal Rescue for truly rescuing me and handing me to my new mom/dad. I give you a big wet kiss.


Tashi Adopted!

I am very lucky to have adopted my special little girl Tashi.She was rescued from a puppy mill in the states and she has become a wonderful addition to my family.She has come a long way in the 4 months I have had her and I am so grateful to Loyal Rescue for saving her life.Without her my family would not be complete.She loves my other girls as well.You will often see Tashi cuddling with her sisters and her tail is always wagging now. Thank you Loyal Rescue.


Mylo Adopted!

We got Mylo 3 months ago. Poor guy was under weight and terrified. Despite his fears, he is the sweetest most loving dog. In the past three months venturing up to the cottage has become almost a weekly thing. Up north he plays ball with his brother (a bichon shih tzu mix),takes frequent swims, and has rainbow trout or steak dinners while watching the sunset on the lake. Mylo is now living better than some people all thanks to Loyal Rescue. Oh and he is now sporting a summer mohawk!!


Sara Adopted!

It has been 11 months since little Sara joined our family. From the first my dog Maggie and Sara were sharing a bed by choice. As you can see from the picture taken recently Sara in front Maggie behind they have bonded so closely that rarely will you find one without the other. Truly sisters now.This adoption has opened my eyes to the great work that rescues do and since adopting I now actively volunteer with LOYAL. Thank you for bringing this darling girl into our lives.


Jazzy Adopted!

[Jazzy] was quite comfortable on the ride home - just curled up and went to sleep in her crate. When we got her home, we just took the door off, and let her come out when she was ready. Squeaker is not quite sure what she's about, and has been giving her lots of space to look around on her own - though they were ALMOST playing a game of tag in the back yard yesterday :) I was happy to see Jazzy's tail up and wagging as she got into "play" mode!


Sara-Bella Adopted!

With all the publicity about Ellen Degeneres & Iggy, I thought I'd update you on Sara-Bella. I have nothing new to report, which is probably what you want to hear. The girls have really bonded. I saw Chloe licking Sara's face & ears a couple of days ago & they are never far apart when we go to the beach. Sara still plays with both Chester & Chloe without showing any favoritism.


Brooke Adopted!

Curly (Brooke) AKA Snaggle-tooth, has been here one month, and is feeling quite at home now. She loves her walks and socializing with her neighbour dogs. On Thanksgiving she met her cousin Trick - our son's 3 year old pit and she put him in his place. We all met outside (on neutral ground) and went for a walk and they were OK, so we brought them in together. He stayed clear of her and she tolerated him - it was interesting to see the little old dog get the respect from the big guy.


Abby Adopted!

Hi everyone; Attached is a photo of Abby, taken recently at my neighbours when she was a little nervous, with one ear back and her tail tucked under. Most of the time she is very lively, eating extremely well and racing round the garden or exploring nature in the park. She is an absolute delight.


Coltrane Adopted!

We've had Col almost a week now and he is fitting in wonderfully in the chaos that is our household. Benny, our 3 year old hound, is happy to have a new friend. We had a lot of fun alongthe last legs of the transport and watching a bunch of the pups go home with their new owners. Let us know if you need help with a transport again. Thanks so much again for bringing these precious pups here to loving homes in Canada!


Teddy Adopted!

Just wanted to let you know how Teddy is doing. Its just like he has lived here all his life. He has bonded with Amy amazingly well. It's really fun to see them playing and running around the house or curled up on the couch together. He likes everyone anyone who comes into the house is greeted as though they have been friends forever. There have been no behavioral issues at all he's just about perfect.

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